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Its terrible,.. It hangs while typing. Video playback is very poor ,.. Mountain Lion mail has some serious issue with Exchange server at the moment. If you use your machine for work, I would recommend waiting in general anyways…. Mountain Lion has dumped me to the Login screen a couple of times for no apparent reason and would not allow me to log back in, had to reboot. I make heavy use of some less common tools like gpg for Mail. Many of them did not work a long time when I upgraded from leopard to snow leopard so I stay with snow leopard as long as I can and hope that there are working versions when I have to upgrade.

Just to be sure I will switch to Fedora Linux wherever I can but I might not be able to do that everywhere. The lack of audio for airplay is a little sad. I like to airplay my movies and doing that outside of iTunes would of been nice. Apple needs to restore my purchase to the app store so that their customers can install this on older hardware or if they simply want to.

Did you accidentally hide it? I tried iCloudTabs, but it seems it will just work with iOS 6 in autumn, right now it is not working for me ;. I really love the dictation on the Mac. I think it is really great.

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Also the twitter integration is very good. This sucks big time! Downloaded Mountain Lion and now my Safari window fills the entire screen. No way to reduce it? Even when I restart it pops right back up. What gives?

I installed Mountain line this morning and my Safari windows are still resizable. Not sure what is happening on your machine?? Well, It sure was difficult to actually download and install Mountain Lion in the first place. The product distribution file could not be verified.

10 Neat Tips & Tricks For OS X Mountain Lion

It may be damaged or was not signed. Obviously, that error was complete hogwash because others were downloading and installing Mountain Lion all ove the world. I for one have several Macs and so I was successful in purchasing and downloading the Mountain Lion Install on my 8 mos old Macbook 13 Air. Finally I executed the install media and installed Mountain Lion without a hitch. My only problem was the fact that Java for OSX is not installed by default. After, just to be safe, I reselected the Allow Applications downloaded from to be Mac App Store and identified developers the default.

Lost the use of VMware Fusion. Neither the upgrade or VMware made me aware of this incompatibility until after I upgraded. I have the same scenario.

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I have been reading forums of what steps to take next to preserve my previous windows setup from VM3. No information found and the hold time at VM is ridiculous. Please advise if you have any fortune with preserving the previously installed windows partition and files. Pretty sure everyone and my 2 year old nephew knew that…. Certain 3rd party apps need updating e. Parallels, and that whizzy AirPlay mirroring does not work on any kit bought before Have a read of all the unhappy upgraders on the Apple website.

Have to say I find my Office apps run faster on a G4 Silverlight tower under The final action is the most complicated. It is a custom AppleScript that reads the email, figures out the name, date, time and location, then creates a Calendar event. When you first choose Run AppleScript from the drop down menu, there will not be any AppleScripts available for you to run.

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First we have to create one. To do this, open up AppleScript Editor. This is located in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder, or you can find it using Spotlight search or Launchpad. In the script window that appears, paste the following script:. This is the general format of all Mail rule AppleScripts. The above script takes each email message that the rule matched, and runs a function called parseMsg on it to extract the event details.

Then it runs a function called createEvent using those details. This is the core of the AppleScript, which parses the email to extract the event details. The way it works is to extract the text between two other pieces of text. For example, it extracts the text between You are going to see: and Cert: and sets it as the name of the movie.

You will need to modify this to match the exact format of your email. A bit of trial and error may be necessary, so you may want to test the rule on emails you send to yourself. You will also need to modify this to match the exact details in your email messages.

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Above, I set the name of the even to the title of the movie and I calculate the end time by adding the running time of the movie to the start time. I set the location of the event to the screen number and the cinema address, and I add a few details to the event notes like my booking reference number. Setting the url of the event to the email message id also provides a handy link back to the original email message from within Calendar. Now all we need to do is save the AppleScript somewhere Mail can see it.

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Give the script a memorable name and save it. Emoji are the cute little smileys and emoticons that originated in Japan and have grown popular around the world since they became available on the iPhone. Whenever you are in a text field in Mavericks, just press Command-Control-Space and an emoji panel will appear. Then click any of the Emoji icons to insert it at the current position in the text. For those who find it quicker to use the keyboard than the mouse, you can navigate between the Emoji icons with the arrow keys, and shift left and right between the different sections using Tab and Shift-Tab respectively.

If you know what you are looking for, just begin to type the name, and the Emoji will filter as you type. By default, the Emoji panel will disappear once you choose an icon. As well as requiring a constant internet connection, it was almost unusable for dictating anything more than a couple of sentences. To do this, open up System Preferences and go to the Dictation and Speech section. It's possible to bring back Web sharing, a feature that went missing in Mountain Lion, with a little work.

If you're comfortable with Terminal, you'll feel right at home enabling Web sharing on Mountain Lion. If you aren't comfortable with Terminal, Topher Kessler does a great job laying out the required steps in a simple manner.

Mac OS X Lion: Tips and Tricks

There was plenty of bellyaching and bemoaning the missing feature throughout the OS. Enough of it, in fact, that Apple has brought back the feature in Mountain Lion.