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How much RAM do they actually support?

Is it even possible to upgrade the RAM? There are five different lines of Aluminum "Unibody" Mac mini models -- the "Mid", "Mid", "Late ", "Late " and "Late " -- all of which are quite different from one another in terms of memory. Although the memory types are different, the upgrade procedure for the "Mid", "Mid" and "Late " Mac mini lines is easy and essentially the same and it is quite similar for the current "Late " models, as well.

Unlike vintage polycarbonate Mac mini models, which require one to pry open the case and are not easy to upgrade , these Aluminum Mac mini models have a black plastic base on the bottom that can be removed with a quick turn to access the RAM slots. In a pleasant surprise, Apple returned to upgradable memory for the current "Late " Mac mini models sadly the storage is onboard, though.

Apple Mac mini (2018)

Photo Credit: Apple, Inc. More details about specific identifiers are provided in EveryMac.

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If the Mac mini is running OS X For the pre-Late Mac mini models, the EMC number is visible upon removing the bottom "spin off" panel to the right of the memory slots when the ports are facing you. It is on the bottom of the "Late " and "Late " models toward the ports.

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These models only run OS X Unfortunately, the "Late " Mac mini models have soldered RAM that cannot be upgraded after the initial system purchase. The RAM in these models cannot be upgraded later. Much like the identification help , the details are most easily visualized as a chart:. However, this is if and only if they are running OS X The RAM cannot be upgraded later.

Memory Upgrades for Apple Mac mini -

RAM Upgrade Instructions. Don't connect the power cord or turn on your Mac mini until you replace the bottom cover. Never operate your Mac mini without the cover in place. After you install the memory, confirm that your Mac mini sees the new memory. If the reported memory size isn't correct or if your Mac mini repeatedly plays three tones, it may be having trouble recognizing a memory module.

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If this happens, shut down your Mac mini, verify the module specifications against the requirements for your Mac mini model, and then repeat the memory installation instructions to make sure that the modules are installed correctly. If you still have issues, remove the memory and consult the support information that came with the memory, or contact the vendor who provided the memory.

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Upgrade or install memory in your Mac mini Learn how to remove or install memory into your Mac mini computer. Before you begin To minimize the possibility of damage to the computer components due to static discharge, it's important to wear an antistatic wrist strap while you work with your computer's memory. Choose your model Mac mini models have different memory RAM installation requirements.

Remove the bottom cover Turn off your Mac mini. Disconnect the power cord and all other cables from your Mac mini.

Late 2018 Mac mini RAM Replacement and Upgrade! 50% Cheaper than Apple!

Lay your Mac mini upside down on a soft cloth or towel, and then rotate the bottom cover counterclockwise to the unlocked position. Press on the cover to pop up the opposite side, and then remove the cover.

Recommended Upgrades

Remove the original memory modules Gently spread the clips at the ends of the top memory module just enough to let the free edge pop up. Pull the module out of the slot.

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Repeat to remove the second, bottom module. Install the new memory Carefully press the notched edge of the new memory module into the bottom slot while keeping the opposite edge slightly raised.