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How are you accessing Netscape's email? Netscape has 2 kinds. Are you clicking on the envelope icon at the bottom left corner of the window? Or are you accessing Netscape's web mail? Exactly what do you mean by email "history "? Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.

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I access this new mailbox by clicking the gray 'mail' envelope on the toolbar not web mail. Mail server SMTP responded: invalid user name or password" Note: the new mailbox is not real important to me. My interest is in the messages left in my old inbox. Hope the above mess makes some sense to you. Thanks for your help.

Sep 28, PM in response to jack hutchison In response to jack hutchison In the link which you provided I noted it took me to AOL's email troubleshooting site. Did you try the suggestions on their troublshooting site? Regarding the messesages you cannot retrieve from your Inbox, see if "Compacting" the emails helps. Hopefully, a knowledgeable user who is still using Netscape v7.

Suggest that you also check out Netscape's Mail Help.

There is a lot of useful info in there. I will try each one of them this weekend. I am an Adelphia now Time- Warner cable customer.

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Thanks again I really appreciate your help. User profile for user: jack hutchison Question: Q: Can't access netscape 7. Ask a question Reset. I have also tested all of those browsers on Mac OS 7. I can give you a fair idea of which one runs the fastest on my system but you'd be sacrificing compatibility with today's web standards javascript, css, unicode, etc. The browsers i tested were: Internet Explorer 5. However, the most compatible browser to date is iCab 3. WaMCoM feels like it sits comfortably in between the other two browsers and is as close to Firefox as you can get for OS 9. OS 9 under sheepshaver unfortunately somehow hates me and won't let me go online In OS 8.

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I have made sure I installed all the necessary Mac OS updates for 8. But it was a no-go for WaMCoM. If i were you, I'd have at least the following browsers installed with SheepShaver in case a web page you're viewing just doesn't work at all in one particular browser.

MSiE 5. There are certain ways you can tweak each of the individual browsers' preferences to make them run faster, like turning off Java, javascript, images, sounds, and of course those resource-hungry plugins like Quicktime, flash, shockwave, etc. But in the end, the fastest browser remains to be Internet Explorer.

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If the author of iCab could do anything else to improve the performance under OS 9. I honestly think that's the fastest way to do things. But if you know of somebody who's seriously willing to back-port Firefox from source code to Mac OS 9 and slim down the system requirements, then by all means let us know!! Mozilla 1.

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  • Don't forget to give iCab a try. It works very well for me.

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