Upgrade mac mini ssd 2013

Some other items have longer warranty like i. We strongly advise you to always have a recent backup from your device. For some repairs we will have to restore your device and data might be lost. Therefore, make sure to always backup your device, an accident can happen any moment! We are never responsible for your data loss. Although you can walk in anytime, it is always better to make an appointment in advance so we are sure to have enough time reserved for you.

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If you have switched off your device immediately and not tried to charge or turn on while wet, there is a good chance your device can be fixed by only cleaning. If some IC are short circuited we might need to perform a logicboard repair instead. We warrant all liquid damaged repaired devices for 3 month!

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In case we cannot repair it, we will charge the delivery cost, usually between THB. Their large size makes it too risky to ship them. Please make sure your phone number is available. Please remove all accessories like cases and memory cards from your device and take them with you — My device is out of official warranty and I understand that a successful repair cannot be guaranteed and my device might stop working during a repair attempt by Dr.

I will not held Dr. If I cannot make it ontime I will notify Dr.

Problems occurring within the warranty period outside the scope of the repair are not covered — Dr. Please test all functions before taking it back. MacBook are not covered by warranty. Request a free quote Our quotations are free of charge as is our diagnostic service.

Your Message. Having a problem with your Mac? Plan an appointment with our technician for free! We check it for free and we will show and explain you the problem. After our quotation you can decide to repair it or not, no strings attached. Read More.

Parts Replacement Service We can replace all parts of the Mac fast and at competitive rates. Quality Parts 3 Month Warranty On average hour repair time. Plan Appointment. Liquid Damage Cleaning If your device got wet, we suggest you do not put it in rice.

Logicboard Repair If your Mac stops working it might be caused by a faulty logicboard also called motherboard. System upgrade solutions Especially the older Macbook Pro's from and before are excellent machines to upgrade. Memory upgrade Hard drive replacement Setup and installation.

Software Services If you have software problems we might be able to help you out. Cleaning Service Macbooks will start to run hot after a few years of usage. Remove dust and check for corrosion Clean the housing and replace cooling paste Replace missing screws and bottom feet. Plan Appointment Make an appointment with our tech guy via our online planner, send us an email or give us a call. Repair service Before repairing we will let you know the exact cost. Return After receiving our repair confirmation per email you can choose to pickup the Mac yourself, or let us deliver it to anywhere in Thailand.

How long does a repair take on average? Again, no fix, no pay. Do you offer any type of warranty on your repairs? Will I lose the information on my device? Do I need to make an appointment? Can you fix water damage? Can I park at Fico Place? Yes parking for Fico customers is available free of charge for 3 hours at The Pullman Hotel right beside Fico.


How To Upgrade Your Mac Mini with an SSD ( updated)

Please notify the guard you are visiting Fico and they will give you a parking ticket. Bring that to our office and we can stamp it for you. Do you use original parts? We also use quality non original parts. Apple does not manufacture anything, i. Rest assure all parts we use are of high quality and backed up with a minimum of 3 month warranty. Juergen Graf. Best place to repair in Bangkok! Few hours over there and Problem was gone!

Running cooler, quieter, and with superior energy efficiency than traditional hard drives, SSDs have fewer failures, and reputable manufacturers tend to warranty them for longer than their predecessors. Not all SSDs are equivalent in reliability and performance, but ones from top-tier chip companies are pretty incredible.

Good news first: most older Macs and even some current Macs can be easily user-upgraded to include SSDs. Hard drive replacement is generally the best option. Bad news: the newer the Mac, the greater the likelihood that actually installing the drive yourself will be tricky. I strongly recommend updating your Mac to the latest non-beta version of macOS it can run before beginning the backup process. Then restore directly from your Time Machine backup.

This will give you a completely fresh start, though your emails, app settings, and other files will need to be separately hunted down and brought over from your other hard drive. For users with plans to swap an optical drive for an SSD, keeping the SSD as a non-boot drive, nothing needs to be done to prep software beforehand. However, if you plan to make the SSD your boot drive, follow the instructions above so you can enjoy the speed benefits of running macOS directly from the SSD.


One brief note on TRIM, a topic that was a bigger deal when I originally wrote SSD guides; read about it and third-party software in greater depth here. Thankfully, earlier Mac minis are easier to open, requiring only a putty knife , Phillips 00 Screwdriver , and spudger.

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The same sort of 2. Aluminum-bodied inch MacBooks of or earlier vintage not current inch models and MacBook Pros sold in or earlier can be upgraded with 2.

Upgrade The 2014 Mac Mini To Super Fast SSD

You just unscrew and remove the bottom cover of your MacBook, pull out the hard drive, replace it with the SSD, then reattach the bottom cover. The original inch Retina MacBook Pro requires quite a few additional steps; Apple significantly simplified the SSD replacement process for subsequent-generation inch machines, bringing them to parity with the inch model and MacBook Airs. How easy is installation?