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Click to view larger image. Your iMac is a self-contained workstation that packs all the power you need into a highly integrated package—and one that is fully capable of integrating with new or existing networks.

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An iMac with Mountain Lion can share and access a variety of resources with other computers on your network. Files and folders can be shared with other Macs and Windows PCs; printers and scanners can be shared with other Macs; even your screen can be made available to other computers on your network. The most common network activity beyond email and Web surfing is file sharing. In addition to the protocols for sharing files, you also have different methods for how you share them. Traditional file sharing requires that you turn on file sharing, choose what you want to share, tell another person how to connect, and so on.

AirDrop lets you wirelessly share files with other Mac users who are in your vicinity—with no setup required! Many of the settings in this chapter require you to authenticate with Mountain Lion before the settings can be made.

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If you find yourself in a situation where a setting is grayed out, click the padlock icon in the lower-left corner of the window to authenticate and make the necessary change. AirDrop is a fast and easy file-sharing system that lets you send files to another Macintosh without any setup—no usernames, no passwords, nothing except a Wi-Fi adapter that is turned on! Specifically, AirDrop requires the following:. To use AirDrop, be sure that your Wi-Fi adapter is turned on see Chapter 3 for details , identify the files that you want to share with another person, and then follow these steps:.

Receiving files with AirDrop is even easier than sending them.

When a nearby Mountain Lion user wants to send files to your iMac, follow these steps:. AirDrop uses peer-to-peer ad hoc wireless networking, which is only supported in recent iMacs and desktop Macs.

Accessing your desktop

Although this may seem limiting, this hardware is what makes it possible to communicate with zero configuration and without using a common Wi-Fi access point. Oct 11, AM.

Enable and Disable File Sharing On Mac OS X

Computers and other Network resources that are "Shared" are made visible and possibly accessible to you. This is not symmetrical, i. MacOS is inherently a Multiple-User system, even if you choose to have only one user. There are MANY safeguards in place to prevent unwanted and unauthorized access to your computer. Question: Q: What does 'shared computers' mean on 'Finder'? More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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How to Disable Public Folder Sharing in Mac OS X

Oct 7, PM in response to garry In response to garry Yes, those are other computers on your local network. Skip to main content. Forums Shop Toggle Search. Accessing files Accessing your desktop Third party solutions Final comments Accessing files If you are up-to-date with the latest macOS and iOS revisions then you're likely already familiar with sharing files via iCloud Drive.

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Start System Preferences. Select iCloud. Check iCloud Drive. Accessing your desktop Apple offers two already built-in tools to enable desktop access "remotely". Screen Sharing Screen sharing is exactly what it sounds like.

Unknown shared resources showing in the Finder

To enable Screen Sharing do the following. Select Sharing.

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  • Check Screen Sharing to on. Check Remote Management to on. Third party solutions If you're not the type to want to configure VPNs or firewalls to enable internet screen and file sharing access, you'll be happy to know that there do exist third party programs you can purchase that allow for Back to My Mac capabilities. USB-C the light!

    Understanding User Accounts in macOS

    These USB-C hard drives can back up or beef up your Mac's storage USB-C is the future, and grabbing an external hard drive is a great way to store backups, music, movies, files, and more!